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Robin Hill
Washington, DC

Robin Hill's paintings depict the natural world. The internationally acclaimed painter began his formal training in England and continued studying in his native Australia.  His long career as a painter and naturalist began after he left school to  work as a cowboy and travel the country working in shearing sheds. Hill's extensive catalog of work ranges from small watercolors to gouache triptychs nine feet in length.

“I have studied and painted birds in a number of countries and continents: in various parts of Africa, much of Australia and Britain, some of the European countries, and now on the American continent. I'm often asked whether I get bored painting birds, and I do not; in any case I often paint mammals and other subjects as well.”

Great Blue Herons // 24" x 24" // Limited Edition Print
Cape Buffalo // 34" x 24" // Limited Edition Print
Great Horned Owls // 36" x 25" // Limited Edition Print
Toucan // 15 1/2" x 20" // Limited Edition Print
Loon Family // 26" x 21" // Limited Edition Print
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