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Helen Zughaib
Washington, DC

Helen Zughaib was born in Beirut and lived in the Middle East and Europe before coming to the U.S. for college.  She strives to create empathy and a space for introspection and interchange through her art.  Zughaib has primarily used gouache and ink on board and canvas.  More recently, she has created mixed media installations.


Zughaib's work can be found in public and private collections around the world, including the White House, the U.S. Embassy in Iraq, and The Kennedy Center. These pieces are also available as Archival Pigment Prints.

"I hope my work encourages dialogue and brings understanding and acceptance between the people of the Arab world and the West.”

helen zughaib - ArabSpring_gouacheonboard_20x30_HelenZughaib.jpg
Arab Spring // 20" x 30" // Gouache on board
helen zughaib - TheLongWait_gouacheonboard_30x40_HelenZughaib.jpg
The Long Wait // 30" x 40" // Gouache on board
helen zughaib - SyrianMigrationSeries_gouacheonboard_12x18_HelenZughaib.jpg
Syrian Migration // 12" x 18" // Gouache on board
helen zughaib - ReImaginedPeace_gouacheonboard_28x37_HelenZughaib.jpg
Reimagined Peace // 28" x 37" // Gouache on board
Zughaib-George Washington Monument (2) copy.jpf
George Washington Monument // 20" x 30" // Gouache on board
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