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Ellen Sinel
Washington, DC

Ellen Sinel paints landscapes both real and imagined. She seeks to “develop an atmosphere of quiet and peace, sometimes with an overlay of mystery” Sinel’s work exposes the flux and instability of our environment due to climate change. Many of her paintings of trees are scenes from a moving train window. She spends summers on lower Cape Cod, where she captures the light, landscape, and seascape, as they continuously and dramatically shift. Her work is in collections, personal and corporate, throughout the US.

"My hope is to evoke an emotion, an awareness and connectedness to our ever-changing surroundings."

_Over The Truro Hill_Oil on Canvas_40_x52__Ellen Sinel_.tif
Over The Truro Hill // 40" x 52" // Oil on canvas
_Branches In A Blue Sky Day_Oil on Canvas_24_x24__Ellen Sinel.JPG
Branches In A Blue Sky Day  // 24" x 24" // Oil on canvas
Trees from a Moving Train III, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 52 print.jpeg
Trees From A Moving Train III // 40" x 52" // Oil on canvas
_While Driving Past Fall Trees_Oil on Canvas_40_x52__Ellen Sinel_.jpeg
While Driving Past Fall Trees // 40" x 52" // Oil on canvas
Winter Thoughts, Oil on Canvas, 34x52_.JPG
Winter Thoughts // 34" x 52" // Oil on canvas
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