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A. Brockie Stevenson
Glen Echo, MD

Brockie Stevenson (1919–2009) rendered images from small-town America in drawings, paintings, and lithographs.  His clean portraits of houses and other structures reveal Stevenson's eye for architectural design and strong color. Stevenson’s work has been installed in many galleries, private collections and museum collections including The National Museum of American Art, The Phillips Collection, and The Katzen Art Museum in Washington, DC.

According to his widow, Jane Stevenson, "Brockie would spend untold hours trying to achieve purposeful design and balance in his paintings."  Of the people who collected his work, Brockie felt "they owned a piece of him and his soul, and he wanted to know it was in good hands."

Jane's Game
Debbie's November
Frances' Flyer
Brown's Head Light
Glen Echo
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