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Andrew Faulkner
Sausalito, CA

Born into a family of artists, designers, and architects, Andrew Faulkner's paintings fuse the structural sensibilities of his architect father and the strong color sense of his interior designer mother.  With a focus on abstract landscapes and architectural interiors, Faulkner's art is influenced by the vibrant colors of his Northern California surroundings. Andrew studied painting at Trinity College with colorist George Chapman who was a student of Joseph Albers and learned the art of defining space with color and value. His work is represented in galleries across the country and his illustrations have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post.

"As a child, I celebrated coloring outside the lines, and those loose, imperfect sorts of marks define my gestural painting style to this day."


City Light // 30" x 40" - Limited Edition Print (hand-signed)

Sea Ranch Dusk.jpeg

Sea Ranch Dusk // 30" x 40" - Limited Edition Print (hand-signed)


Lakeside Road // 24” x 30” // Oil on canvas (framed)

River RoadCropped.jpg

River Road // 60” x 72” // Oil on canvas

Slate Road.jpg

Slate Road // 20” x 16” // Oil on canvas (framed)

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